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Men with Low Sperm Counts

The leading cause of male infertility is low sperm count. Men who use laptops tend to have lower than normal sperm counts due to temperature increase in the trousers, even the web browsers through Wi-Fi connections are at risk as well.

One major concern is that if it cause a long term sperm production problems than it is possible that it also increases the chances of men developing prostate, testicular or penile cancer
Some scientists have claimed that tobacco and alcohol abuse may be to blame, but men have been smoking and drinking for millennia so that seems an unlikely culprit.

One study found that contributor to decreased sperm levels that has been detected is a less than adequate supply of zinc in the diet. The Recommended Daily Allowance of zinc for the average sized man is 15mg a day.
Men who consumed less than 1.5mg of zinc in their daily diet produced fewer sperm, and also experienced lower levels of testosterone, than those men who consumed at least 10mg of zinc per day. Among the foods that are good resources for zinc are such dietary staples as beef, turkey, chicken, milk, cheese, potatoes. There is absolutely no reason for any man suffering infertility problems to not able to get that 10mg of zinc every day.
Interestingly, another dietary consideration for men with low sperm counts is Vitamin C. Vitamin C seems to be nearly a miracle mineral. Almost every single health disorder humans face can be improved to some degree by consuming enough Vitamin C. Several medical studies have concluded that the way a deficiency of Vitamin C affects low sperm counts is quite specific. It takes almost no effort to exceed the Recommended Daily Allowance of Vitamin C. Have a glass of orange juice in the morning rather than caffeinated coffee; eat strawberries or melon for dessert instead cake; add almost any leafy green vegetable to your plate at the salad bar.

Blood Groups and Types

Experiments with blood transfusions, the transfer of blood or blood components into a person's blood stream, have been carried out for hundreds of years. Mixing blood from two individuals can lead to blood clumping or concatenation. The clumped red cells can crack and cause toxic reactions which can have very harmful consequences.

Our Blood constitutes :
Plasma(liquid part)
E- nutrientsrythrocytes (or red blood cells)
Leukocytes (or white blood cells)
Thrombocytes (or platelets)

Plasma which is made of : water, proteins, dissolved nutrients, carbon dioxide, urea, lactic acid, serum albumin, blood clotting factors, antibodes and electrolytes! (But mostly water).
The white blood cells fight infection
The red blood cells contain hemoglobin, a protein that binds oxygen. Red blood cells transport oxygen to, and remove carbon dioxide from, the body tissues.
The platelets help the blood to clot, if you get a wound for example.

Blood Group Types

Blood group A : If you belong to the blood group A, you have A antigens on the surface of your red blood cells and B antibodies in your blood plasma.
Blood group B : If you belong to the blood group B, you have B antigens on the surface of your red blood cells and A antibodies in your blood plasma.
Blood group AB : If you belong to the blood group AB, you have both A and B antigens on the surface of your red blood cells and no A or B antibodies at all in your blood plasma.
Blood group 0 : If you belong to the blood group 0 (null), you have neither A or B antigens on the surface of your red blood cells but you have both A and B antibodies in your blood plasma.

Antigens and Antibodies
Antigens are "coats" that germ wear that are recognised by the immune system. When the immune system (WBC) recognises the antigen it produces a protein called an antibody that attaches to the antigen and thus destroys
A donor must fulfill the following conditions.
a)  He must be above 18 years of age 
b) He must be healthy and weight at least 50 Kgs.
c) He must not be suffering from any disease (Cancer, AIDS, Contagious diseases etc) high Blood Pressure or any other disorder ….
d) He must not be a drug addict…..

Bleed and be a donor,  To save a life in danger

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

YouTube is like a TV, has editorial responsibility

The year 2010 ends with a “gift” unwelcome for YouTube, DailyMotion and other popular sites hosting user-generated video. Two resolutions have been published by the Italian Communications Authority (AGCOM) will equate to broadcasting services, with all the consequences. Italy is probably the first Western country to make this leap of interpretation from which obligations unusual for websites. Even the highly contested decree Romans 1 was pushed to the hypothesis for sites “ugc”, ie made of user-generated content, tasks such as those found by Agcom.
The two resolutions are those on web TV and web radio, approved last month 4. But only now have been published that you can read the first confirmation of a flap is not clear now: the new rules include some sites with video provided by users. Exactly as YouTube, Dailymotion, Vimeo and many others. “If we read the resolutions, it is clear that also relate those sites,” says Guido Scorza, attorney of law on internal. Iugc sites thus become “audiovisual media services” if two conditions are true together, “exploitation” of the video and “editorial responsibility, exercised in any way,” by third parties that aggregation of content. ”
The first condition is obvious: just a bit ‘of advertising. But it is also clear that Agcom recognizes editorial responsibility to sites like YouTube, even if you do not mention them directly. “To confirm this, just read the parts of the resolution where Agcom explains why he wanted to introduce the notion of editorial responsibility for ugc sites,” says Scorza. “It is said that the aim is to ensure equal legal treatment to all those who use editorial content, regardless of the means used.” In another part of the resolution specifies that the editorial responsibility rests on the last actor in the chain of video (not the user then but who aggregates and organizes the content).
Confirmation also comes from the interpretive Stefano Mannoni, Agcom adviser: “Youtube is a hierarchy of their content,” he says, “even if only with the algorithm and automatically, and this amounts to editorial control.”
After all, if not for YouTube, it is not clear to what other sites Agcom would take the trouble to introduce the notion of editorial responsibility associated with the UGC. Concept that in fact there was in the decree Romans Audiovisual, hence the regulation Agcom. Yes, to the alleged sites ugc, Agcom was more severe than the same (alleged) order the Romans, who instead exclude them explicitly. The consequences are many and far-reaching: Once a web site like YouTube is considered audiovisual service, will pay a small fee (500 €), but this is not. The most serious problem, Scorza observes, is that “in the various lawsuits against YouTube, such as those brought by Mediaset 5 for breach of copyright, it will reinforce the concept that the site has an editorial responsibility. After this decision, will difficult for the court to establish the contrary. ”
The sites also become subject to new rules, which will give them a hard time. Shall be made by weight, in fact, than those of traditional media and ill-adapted to the reality of the Internet. For example: “duty of correction within 48 hours of their request, they feel defamed by a video. Prohibiting the publication of content unsuitable for children during the time periods covered,” says Scorza.
In the coming days you’ll discover how ugc sites intend to react to the new rules. Google (owner of YouTube) and DailyMotion (Group Telecom Italy), contacted by, are currently analyzing the issue. Telecom added that they are talking in technical tables just opened by AGCOM. Very hard the first reaction of, citizen journalism site inspired by archive videoreporter scattered throughout Italy: “We arrived at the paradox that those who are responsible for protecting the freedoms and rights related to communication intervenes heavily to kill those rights” , wrote in a note the site owners. “But, in our opinion, a decision can never erase Agcom EU directives and national laws.
And above all, can not transform initiatives by members of the network publishing venture. This is an absurd law and violence done to reality. ”
The new resolutions but undoubtedly exclude web TV and web radio minors by the new rules. Do not apply it to those who bill less than 100 000 € from this specific activity (audiovisual) or has a weekly programming less than 24 hours of video.

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Youtique, comes the first fashion boutique on Youtube « Download youtube videos

French Connection is a very popular fashion brand in the world and has been operating since 1972, which in its mission to bring the fashion minimalist style, with quality products affordable, both for men, women and children. The British company now has decided to enter the online store using Youtube prodooti to sell his collection. The new boutique is appropriately called Youtique becomes, in fact, the world’s most popular video portal into a platform for online shopping.
Through the advice of a stylist Louise Roe, and a model who wears the heads of collections you can experiment with outfits for different occasions and then buy the items they contain, through the (records) located on particular stories. The YouTique offers as many as 31 look for 31 different occasions. From the day touring the city with her friends at the disco, to put it more suitable for a wedding: you can look at the proposals for French Connection. At the end of each video you have the option to buy the garment, just click directly on it. This will then go to finish the purchase on the website of French Connection

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Make Money with Flixya

Founded in July 2006 by Adam Oliver and Ivan Wong, Flixya is an online video sharing community with rewards.

With the growing number of video sharing sites online, Flixya differentiates itself by giving back to its users through rewards and ad revenue sharing. Flixya also offer a charity program that gives back to the community. The motto behind Flixya is "Share Everything".

With Flixya, people can:

* upload videos or embed videos from Youtube, Revver, and other video sharing sites
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* browse and rate videos shared by other users
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* leave comments, send messages, create a buddylist
* earn user points and redeem for cool prizes, Rewards Program
* participate in the Revenue Share Program
* give back to the community with our Charity Program
Flixya brings a new reason to share your videos. Its fun, easy, and rewarding. The service is free for everyone.
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The new version of Flixya - Flixya 2.0 is the latest version of the very popular online social networking site. Once you arrive you can host your photos, share you videos, start blogging and in fact "share everything". The best part is that includes the money that is generated from the advertisements via Adsense that appear on your sites. Flixya gives you 100% of the revenue that is earned when surfers click on the ads that are displayed.
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