Friday, December 21, 2012

Men with Low Sperm Counts

The leading cause of male infertility is low sperm count. Men who use laptops tend to have lower than normal sperm counts due to temperature increase in the trousers, even the web browsers through Wi-Fi connections are at risk as well.

One major concern is that if it cause a long term sperm production problems than it is possible that it also increases the chances of men developing prostate, testicular or penile cancer
Some scientists have claimed that tobacco and alcohol abuse may be to blame, but men have been smoking and drinking for millennia so that seems an unlikely culprit.

One study found that contributor to decreased sperm levels that has been detected is a less than adequate supply of zinc in the diet. The Recommended Daily Allowance of zinc for the average sized man is 15mg a day.
Men who consumed less than 1.5mg of zinc in their daily diet produced fewer sperm, and also experienced lower levels of testosterone, than those men who consumed at least 10mg of zinc per day. Among the foods that are good resources for zinc are such dietary staples as beef, turkey, chicken, milk, cheese, potatoes. There is absolutely no reason for any man suffering infertility problems to not able to get that 10mg of zinc every day.
Interestingly, another dietary consideration for men with low sperm counts is Vitamin C. Vitamin C seems to be nearly a miracle mineral. Almost every single health disorder humans face can be improved to some degree by consuming enough Vitamin C. Several medical studies have concluded that the way a deficiency of Vitamin C affects low sperm counts is quite specific. It takes almost no effort to exceed the Recommended Daily Allowance of Vitamin C. Have a glass of orange juice in the morning rather than caffeinated coffee; eat strawberries or melon for dessert instead cake; add almost any leafy green vegetable to your plate at the salad bar.

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