Monday, December 27, 2010

Make Money with Flixya

Founded in July 2006 by Adam Oliver and Ivan Wong, Flixya is an online video sharing community with rewards.

With the growing number of video sharing sites online, Flixya differentiates itself by giving back to its users through rewards and ad revenue sharing. Flixya also offer a charity program that gives back to the community. The motto behind Flixya is "Share Everything".

With Flixya, people can:

* upload videos or embed videos from Youtube, Revver, and other video sharing sites
* broadcast an internet TV channel
* review, tag, and share videos
* browse and rate videos shared by other users
* subscribe to your favorite videos
* leave comments, send messages, create a buddylist
* earn user points and redeem for cool prizes, Rewards Program
* participate in the Revenue Share Program
* give back to the community with our Charity Program
Flixya brings a new reason to share your videos. Its fun, easy, and rewarding. The service is free for everyone.
Make Money Sharing Everything
Share Not Only Videos But Pics and Blogs Too - The New Flixya - Flixya 2.0- Now With 100% Revenue Sharing
The new version of Flixya - Flixya 2.0 is the latest version of the very popular online social networking site. Once you arrive you can host your photos, share you videos, start blogging and in fact "share everything". The best part is that includes the money that is generated from the advertisements via Adsense that appear on your sites. Flixya gives you 100% of the revenue that is earned when surfers click on the ads that are displayed.
Flixya on YouTube
100$ a Month With Flixya

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