Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Youtique, comes the first fashion boutique on Youtube « Download youtube videos

French Connection is a very popular fashion brand in the world and has been operating since 1972, which in its mission to bring the fashion minimalist style, with quality products affordable, both for men, women and children. The British company now has decided to enter the online store using Youtube prodooti to sell his collection. The new boutique is appropriately called Youtique becomes, in fact, the world’s most popular video portal into a platform for online shopping.
Through the advice of a stylist Louise Roe, and a model who wears the heads of collections you can experiment with outfits for different occasions and then buy the items they contain, through the (records) located on particular stories. The YouTique offers as many as 31 look for 31 different occasions. From the day touring the city with her friends at the disco, to put it more suitable for a wedding: you can look at the proposals for French Connection. At the end of each video you have the option to buy the garment, just click directly on it. This will then go to finish the purchase on the website of French Connection

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